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Family & Walk-in Clinic
Open 7 Days a Week

Dr. Yin Mon Thwe
Dr. H. Zamani
Dr. Ambreen Tayyob
Dr. Faizer Upal
Migraine Therapy Offered
Botox Injections Offered

Calgary - East Hills
Family Medical Clinic

Dr. Faiza Upal
Dr. Andrew Provan
Migraine Therapy Offered
Botox Injections Offered
Walk-in Patients Welcome
Accepting New Patients

Calgary - Harvest Hills
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Moira Magerman
Dr. Nella Mabunda
Dr. Ambreen Tayyob

Calgary Temple
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Memoona Butt
Laser Cosmetics Offered
Accepting New Patients!

Calgary Erinwood Plaza
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Aseel Hamad
Dr. Muhammad Aly
Dr. Ambreen Tayyob

Calgary Deerfoot City
Family Physicians
Accepting New Patients

Dr. D. Khosla
Dr. G. Bhanwath
Dr. M. Aslam
Dr. E. Magerman
Dr. R. Gatenby
Cardiology Specialist
Eye Specialist
Internal Medicine, Renal Disease
Audiology, Hearing Assessments
Clinical Psychology
Permanent Make-Up Technician
Podiatry Services

Calgary Bridgeland
Family Physicians
Accepting New Patients

Dr. Zaid Haddaw
Dr. Gokul Bhanwath
Dr. Manal
Dr. A. Chatha
Botox Injections Offered

Calgary Sage Hill
Family Physicians
Accepting New Patients

Dr. Moira Magerman
Dr. Gokul Bhanwath

Calgary Walden
Family and Walk-In Practice

Dr. Magerman
Dr. Adeagbo
Dr. Hussain
Psychology Counselling
Travel Vaccines
Botox Injections Offered
Medical Cannabis Assessment

Calgary - Bridlewood
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Oasis Professional Centres Family and Walk-in Clinics

Calgary Hearing Centres - Oasis Audiology Centres

Cherie Yanke, Aud (R)
Physician Recommended Audiologist
Providing Hearing Care Services in Calgary over 13 Years


  • Superior Customer Service
  • Clinical Audiologist
  • Complete Hearing Evaluations & Hearing Conservation
  • Custom Bluetooth™ Products
  • Industry Leading Hearing Aid Technology
  • Custom Industrial, Swim, iPod & Musician Molds
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Lifetime Service Plans



Oasis Audiology Centres work with all major manufacturers, therefore, the best technology can be suited to the individual needs of our patients. We are able to offer fittings of new digital hearing aids, reprogramming, aural rehabilitation as well as general product care and preventative maintenance. This includes minor and major repairs as well as cleanings.


Too much wax in the ear canals can cause the hearing aids to feedback or breakdown. It is important that you get your ear canals checked and cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid future problems. Ear wax is a normal and healthy thing for our ears. Most people have a normal amount of ear wax, and the ear wax drains out of the ears by itself. Some people have too much ear wax and/or their ear wax does not drain properly, which means they can often end up with ear wax buildup deep down in the ear canal. This can be quite uncomfortable if not very painful.

Our Audiologist generally has two main ways of removing ear wax. We prefer to send patients home with an ear wax removal kit, but will do an in-office procedure if needed. Your audiologist will assess the seriousness of the ear wax buildup before deciding what actions to take.


The Audiologist will provide information regarding available funding options:
Alberta Aids to Daily Living
Workers' Compensation Alberta
Veterans Affairs Canada
Non-Insured Health Benefits
Campbell MacLaurin Foundation


Phone: 587-774-5550
Fax: 587-747-0156

215 971 64 Ave NE
Deerfoot City
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 7Z4
Website: HearJoy.ca


Monday through Friday
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Closed Weekends & Holidays