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Spiritual Psychotherapy


This is a unique form of medicine that establishes the soul as a foundation for health and relationship. The soul has untapped power to transform our life and fulfill our destiny. Spiritual psychotherapy is based on evoking the soul to surmount the unique challenges and stresses in your life. This is a gentle but profound journey into the depths of mind and spirit. The techniques include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and most importantly a journey of spiritual exploration.

Dr. Schwartz's assessment may include:

1) Detailed discussion and history.
2) Chinese medical pulse and tongue assessment
3) The degree of readiness to create positive and spiritual change in one's life.

Spiritual psychotherapy focuses on empowering each client to bring forth the wisdom and clarity of his or her soul. Anchoring and reinforcing the newly gained insights, he or she may experience the following outcomes:

1) Respond to stress with a positive life affirming approach.
2) Awaken the peace and clarity of her soul in daily life
3) Discover powerful affirmations that counter the negative and self limiting tendencies rooted in the subconscious mind
4) Clear deep core issues and old traumas
5) Develop an intuitive trust in his own voice
6) Release anxiety, fear and guilt
7) Journey with one's soul to co create a rich abundant and successful life

As we clear away our psychological baggage we feel lighter and freer leading to profound benefits to total wellness of body and mind.

The prerequisites for engaging in this therapy are:

1) Commitment
2) Sincere aspiration to invite more soul and spirit in your life.


Dr. Owen Schwartz is a physician whose practice is devoted to spiritual psychotherapy. Throughout his practice he has always realized that medicine whether conventional or alternative, needs to explore the more subtle realms of the psyche and soul of the client to optimize wellness. By exploring the fields of spirituality, energy medicine and the psyche of the inner child, he developed an inclusive approach to health that considered the complex nature of the human journey.

Dr. Schwartz has been a long time student of consciousness with a particular interest in creating change through enhanced awareness. He has had a personal practice of yoga meditation for many years and teaches the application of spirituality to his clients.

His training includes Chinese medicine and acupuncture with particular focus on the spiritual and energetic aspects of this discipline. He and his wife Jean Mah, a spiritual philosopher and educator, have developed a unique process of healing we refer to as the "soul journey." The purpose of the soul journey is to empower the client in their spiritual evolution and clear self limiting patterns.


Sage Hill Oasis - Northwest Calgary
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Walden Oasis - South Calgary
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Bridegland Oasis - Calgary
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